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Certified Company

CNC Machined Components

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) refers to a computer controller that runs a powered mechanical device used to fabricate metal components by careful metal removal. Increased automation of manufacturing processes with CNC machining technology has brought about considerable improvements in the quality and consistency of the manufactured items. CNC reduces the scope and is less time consuming. We manufacture CNC Precision turned components used for machineries spares and aero engine components.

Sealing Glands And Rings

Sealing glands or sealing transits and sealing rings are used to safeguard instrumentation wire and tubing, of various machinery. A variety of metals are used in their manufacturing. Sealing glands and rings are manufactured from a number of materials, all of which lend different characteristics to the quality of the gland. We manufacture sealing glands in stainless steel varieties. With superior service strength, stainless steel provides an elevated level of corrosion resistance. We manufacture mechanical seals and rings, mechanical packing and sealing support systems that are complemented by power transmission couplings. Used in centralized lubrication systems.